Rolando Otero / oterovisuals@gmail.com
Rolando Otero

I fell in love with photography the first time I saw an image I had captured appear before my eyes as I slowly rocked my developer tray. It’s been a long journey since then, and thanks to digital, I no longer get fixer stains on my shirts and fingernails.

I’ve been blessed to have worked at some of the most prestigious newspapers in the United States starting with the oldest; the Hartford Courant to the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Most recently I helped run the photo department at the South Florida Sun Sentinel where we won several awards for our coverage of major hurricanes, the Miami Heat, and the Miami Dolphins. In 2019 our newspaper won our second Community Service Pulitzer for our coverage of the Parkland Massacre. I also served as a Navy Photographer for 7 years.

I am now back behind my camera and can be hired for assignments that range from portraiture, sports photography documentary subjects and event coverage. I am also available for one on one tutoring.

I can be reached via email at oterovisuals@gmail.com

or by phone at 954-325-3517



Sean Pitts/Director of Photography, South Florida Sun Sentinel

“Rolando is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to photography, photo workflow, and production.  I had the pleasure of working with Rolando for two years at the South Florida Sun Sentinel reporting on multiple high profile breaking news events such as Hurricane Irma, the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and the Parkland school shooting. Rolando’s positive attitude and calm management style under tight deadlines and hectic situations is a standout trait.  Rolando always got the job done and did not shy away from going the extra mile, it wouldn’t be strange to find him e-mailing on weekends and evening hours about visual content that was ready for Sun-Sentinel.com. He would even jump in on photo assignments to stay sharp and make sure we got everything covered.  Rolando’s unique skills and experience make him a valuable asset to any team.”